Jerry Baldwin Images
                                         Man's Impact on Nature
                                                         A Photography Essay by Jerry Baldwin
A Meal to Die For....evidenced by the drooping wings of this chick, the lead content has inhibited normal growth and sentenced this chick to an early death.  Once the parents stop feeding the chick will immediately die.
Nature Kills One of Its Own...these non-native ironwood trees, planted initially as windbreaks, have been killed by man in an attempt to halt their growth and encroachment on the island.  The tree branches, now void of foliage, are a deadly trap for any bird.  Once caught in the web of branches, the bird quickly dies.
Nets of Death...while floating at sea, these nets posed immediate threat of entanglement and death to unsuspecting sea creatures caught in their grasp.  Now tangled on the coral reefs, they remain a hazard to unsuspecting monk seals and Hawaiian Green Turtles.
Death Gets a Second Chance...after lighting tobacco for human smokers these plastic lighters, along with scraps of plastic and rigid foam, become sea debris and find their way into the digestive tracts of birds to kill yet more living creatures.  The remains of this bird would seem to indicate the presence of plastic in the intestinal contents.

Double Jeopardy... after a journey across the sea and probable ingestion by seabirds, possibly resulting in their death, or the death of their young, the debris washes ashore to continue killing feeding birds along the beaches.
These photographs were taken in the Northwestern Hawaiian Island chain.
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